The Parish Council should consist of a maximum of 9 Councillors; at present we now have a full complement.

Councillors are elected every four years but Councillors can be co-opted between elections to serve should a vacancy occur.

All Councillors must live (or within 3 miles of Colwick) or work in Colwick and their work on the council is undertaken voluntarily and unpaid.

Your current Councillors, who were elected in May 2023 or who have been co-opted on to the council since May 2023, are:

  • Alison Nunn, Chair
  • Hilda Olushola, Vice-Chair
  • Perry Marshall
  • Abby Booker
  • Muhammed Malik
  • Scott Handley
  • Lynda Skinner
  • John Butterfield
  • Oliver Bell

The Parish Council employs a part-time Clerk, Olwen Edwards, who undertakes the administrative tasks of the Council and also produces the minutes and agendas for each Council meeting.

Additionally, the Parish Council employs a cleaner for the Commuity Centre and a litter picker who keeps the community pavements clean.